Companies Accepting Unsolicited Scripts in 2021

We do not accept unsolicited scripts. If you’re a new writer looking for a producer, you must be familiar with these six magic words you can find on most company’s websites, a warning that almost calls to mind the inscription at the entrance to Dante’s Hell: Abandon hope all ye who enter here. If they write it, they mean it. Please, don’t bother sending your script.

So, are there any companies out there accepting unsolicited submissions? Yes. When you work in this industry for some time, you realise that a huge deal of the screenwriter’s job is researching and networking. It takes tons of patience, but you’ll eventually find a company up your street. Luckily, we’re here to help out emerging screenwriters like you!

Here you find a list of production companies accepting unsolicited submissions in 2021. Before getting in touch, remember to check their guidelines and the kind of projects they develop. Don’t flood their inboxes with multiple projects but submit a complete and polished document, and be respectful of their time and patience. Common sense suggests you shouldn’t send a rom-com to a company specialised in indie horror or a blockbuster to a short film company, and so on. Stay in touch because we might update the list and good luck to you all!

And don’t forget, we accept unsolicited submissions too!

BBC Studios

Requirements: accept scripts through BBC Writersroom

Century Films

Requirements: accept pitches no longer than one page ([email protected])

Culmination Productions

Requirements: N/A ([email protected])

Hurricane Films

Requirements: submissions are NOT accepted now but might reopen soon

Jump Start Productions

Requirements: accept scripts via email ([email protected])

LA Productions

Requirements: read submission guidelines and submit via their website

Little Jade Productions

Requirements: accepting scripts from writers with two credits on projects that have been accepted into film festivals; they are looking for sci-fi/ fantasy projects with female lead roles

Recorded Picture Company

Requirements: accept materials from writers/directors with representation

Road Movies

Requirements: accept only a synopsis or a treatment

The Wireless Theatre Company

Requirements: send a one-page pitch and read submission guidelines

Unsolicited Scripts – Pitch Network

We accept screenplay submissions and we forward the strongest ones to producers who wouldn’t usually accept them.

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